Classical Japanese Dance is led by Teramura Ki.

Teramura Ki is available for public or private performances. Additional dancers are also available depending upon your needs. Audience participation can also be incorporated, as teaching dance movement is truly sharing the beauty of the art. Festival type dances can easily become both an educational and fun experience for elementary school age children as well as adults.

From the time that she was walking Nancy Hayata was dancing at the Valley Japanese Community Center's annual obon festival. It was the one time every year that she would get to wear a kimono, and dance to the songs that now bring back fond memories of obons of years gone by. At five years of age she began formal dance lessons in Nihon Buyo under the tutelage of the late Madame Fujima Chiseye. This came to be something that she truly enjoyed, and she continued her studies through her junior year in college.

Once her son was in college, she returned to the realm of Japanese dance and studied Minyo (folk) style dance. She has since branched out on her own and is performing and teaching others her self choreographed dances. In this way she has found that she can put her heart and soul into her passion for dance.

In 2014 she had the honor of choreographing and teaching the Nisei Week Court the Japanese Dance that they performed on coronation night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIYImRixOBw

Nancy continues to perform and loves carrying on the tradition and culture of Japanese dance. Caring is sharing. She took on the name, Teramura Ki in 2018.

If you are interested in learning Japanese dance, please email Teramura Ki st nancyhayata@gmail.com.